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Why Download Meter and Dataman were removed from AppStore
Apple has removed first edition of Download Meter on September 4th, 2012. Apple asked us to remove some features of the app since February 2012. We tried to submit updates to download meter about 9 times but Apple has rejected all our attempts. So after 9 monthes Apple removed Download Meter for iPhone themself. Same happened to DataMan for iPhone too. Here you can find more details about that and possible reasons for such Apple behaviour. We are shocked by this behaviour of Apple.

So we had to release a new updated app with some features disabled (as requested by Apple), and release it as the same name: here is it. Same happenede to DataMan too. The app is still usable for measuring data usage on iPad and iPhone, but now Download Meter gets a chance to check your data usage only if you are moving (more precisely - if you moved by more than 500 meters).

If you have a backup copy of Download Meter inside you iPhone or iPad backup, you can still install it on your Apple device to measure data usage.

You can see more details about Download Meter app for tracking data usage on iPhone and iPad here.