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This app helps to stay within you data plan limit on mobile internet. Save hundreds with this $2 app! That's why it's among 10 Top Paid Utilities in 54 countries.


This app helps to stay within you data plan limit on mobile internet. Save hundreds with this $2 app! That's why it's among 10 Top Paid Utilities in 54 countries.

Just enter the data limit of your plan and the first day of the billing period, and the app will notify you automatically when you reach important levels of your data limit (e.g. 90%, 100%). Stay within your limit and never pay extra for exceeding it! The app will automatically start when you reboot your device, and it will work in background checking your data usage every 10 minutes and showing alerts when you reach certain levels (work in background is available on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2). It will also show % of the data limit you've already consumed on the app icon!

In addition, this application allows you to create and operate any number of "counters," which are an advanced way of tracking traffic (data usage) beginning with a particular moment of time. Several counters can function simultaneously, be set on pause, or reset entirely and allow you to compute the amount of traffic consumed by a particular application or the traffic consumed at a given location.


  • Get alerts the moment you exceed your data usage thresholds, without having to open Download Meter.
  • The icon of Download Meter shows a percentage of data limit or amount of data (in MB) you've already consumed.
  • Works with any carrier all over the world. Requires no login/password to your carrier's site. You don't need to wait for your carrier's reports that may take hours or days to be produced.
  • Download Meter does not require Internet connection to get statistics because app gets data usage from the device. So it won't cost you anything to view your data usage, even while roaming.
  • All iPads, iPods and iPhones are supported by this app. Buy it once, run it on all devices.
  • Supports 3 types of limits - monthly, weekly and daily.
  • Measures traffic in real time with up to byte precision.
  • Application Data Usage: run Download Meter before and after any app, and see how much data it consumed using "Since Previous Run" function.
  • Suggests daily data usage limit and computes the current day's data usage automatically.
  • Separates traffic into incoming and outgoing, Wi-Fi traffic and mobile Internet traffic.
  • Allows you to create and operate an unlimited number of "counters," which are an advanced way of tracking traffic per application or by period of time.
  • Allows to adjust consumed traffic for today or current period to match traffic amounts reported by your carrier.
On first use, Download Meter runs a quick introductory tour of the application. It explains how to use daily and monthly limits in detail. That tour can be re-enabled using the Settings utility, which will allow you to access the "show tour at start" setting.

You can view the full content of that tour here.

Measuring with Counters

Traffic is measured by counters. To track your traffic usage, select the tab at the bottom of the screen that corresponds to the connection type you need to track - i.e. WiFi or GPRS/3G/EDGE.

To create a new counter
tap '+'
To reorder or delete a counter
tap Edit and then click Done
To rename, pause, or reset a counter
tap it, make changes and then tap Done.
To display total traffic instead of incoming traffic only,
tap the counter and place a checkmark on the item with ↓ for incoming, ↑ for outgoing, or ↓↑ for total traffic, and then press Done.

Standard counters

Three counters are created automatically.
since boot
amount of traffic since last reboot or power-on of device.
all time
amount of traffic since since running Download Meter for the first time.
since prev. run
amount of traffic since previous run of Download Meter
These counters cannot be deleted; however, you can rename them or move them to the bottom if you do not need them.


  • To measure the traffic of the current month, run Download Meter on the first day of the month and create a new counter by tapping '+'. During that month, the counter will show you the traffic of the current month. At the beginning of the next month, you can reset that counter or pause that counter and create a new one.
  • If you wish to measure the traffic since the current moment (e.g. since the beginning of your trip overseas or arrival at a cafĂ© where free WiFi is limited), just create a new counter.
  • For most accurate measuring, try to reboot your device as seldom as possible. Run Download Meter right before rebooting the device or powering it off.
  • Do not forget about counter "since prev. run"! It is very useful to measure traffic between two moments in time (e.g. to measure traffic generated by a certain game) by just running Download Meter at that moment and looking at the value computed by the counter.

You will find this program very useful if you use YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter or Flickr.

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